Tailored Essentials

Classic Overcoat from Melbourne Tailors

Winter Essential – The Overcoat

 With winter fast approaching and the chill in the air every wardrobe requires an overcoat. The wonderful thing about overcoats is that the general profile of overcoats has not changed for a long time, so provided you have a classic cut your investment will last a long time.

Tailor made overcoats are a wise investment as you are ensured a perfect fit and the superior fabric available from Carbone Master Tailors will ensure your warmth and style for years to come.

For gentlemen we recommend a single-breasted overcoat for practicality and timeless elegance. Another factor in favour of single-breasted overcoats is that they have a more slimming appearance than a double-breasted.

Naturally we can accommodate any of our client’s requirements, so if you already have a fine single-breasted overcoat in your wardrobe then a bespoke double-breasted style may be appealing.

Pure cashmere is a luxurious choice for overcoating as it has superior warmth and looks stunning. Other fabrics available include cashmere&wool blends and baby alpaca. A chat with our stylist or master tailors will provide you with the best fabric choice for your budget towards this essential garment.

A tailor made coat not only ensures a perfect fit in superior fabric, but allows you to customise unique features and colour selection. As all our tailoring is handcrafted in-house by master tailors with combined experience of over 85 years you can be ensured you will receive the best overcoat available from Carbone Master Tailors.




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