Ladies handcrafted suit

Ladies suit handcrafted by Master Tailor Domenico Carbone

Bespoke Stylist Kellie Carbone

Bespoke stylist Kellie Carbone and the master tailors at our sartoria offer both ladies and gentlemen professional advice on design and fabric selection, to ensure your garment is ideal whatever the occasion.  

Stunning Ladies Coats

We hand tailor all our garments in-house and have the finest selection of fabrics from around the world at our sartoria; this allows clients to get a beautifully fitted garment that is made to their requirements. Tel: 03 9380 2695

Symbolism & Emotion – What do your colours say?

Red  – The colour of  Love   Often associate with love, red is the most powerful of all bright colours and should be used in moderation.  The colour is best used on its own letting a clear message through.  You can combine it with black to add sexual undertones.  The colour works best with darker … Continue reading

Reflect Your Style

Dressing with style is a matter of looking at your reflection in the mirror and trying to see yourself through the eyes of the outside world. It is a question of form and the flow of lines,  the perfect fit,  coordinating colours, patterns and fabrics. An outfit that suits your friend will not necessarily suit … Continue reading

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