Spring Into Bespoke

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Spring is an exciting time in the social calendar with so many events to attend and planning a wardrobe for this season is essential. For a truly unique outfit nothing surpasses Pino and Domenico Carbone’s bespoke tailoring. Bespoke tailoring results in a perfectly fitting garment that compliments your silhouette. As you select from our extensive range of fine fabrics and design details with the guidance of a master tailor, a unique outfit is created that is the hallmark of personal style and quality.

Bespoke tailoring is all about personalised service with each garment being hand crafted for the individual. The selected cloth is hand-cut is for each client from an individual pattern crafted to the silhouette of the body. Fitting stages ensure meticulous corrections are made, resulting in distinctive suiting that fits perfectly. Since 1959 we have been creating all our garments in-house, as we could never achieve the desired outcomes for our clients by out-sourcing.

Pino Carbone was schooled in the classic European tailoring tradition that he has passed on to his son Domenico. Like all great artisans Domenico has blended the best of the past tradition into a contemporary aesthetic. Your attire may be a traditional morning suit or a reflection of your personal style; the wealth of experience that Pino & Domenico have will ensure your garments will ideally suit your spring celebrations.

Pino and Domenico are the ultimate master craftsmen, possessing both the design and technical skills to create sartorial elegance that ladies and gentleman requiring the highest standard request.


297 Lygon Street East Brunswick 3057


Phone               03 9380 2695

After Hours      0438 457 511


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