Kirgyz animal

A young Kirghiz goat; his winter coat keeps him warm even at the coldest of temperatures.

The discovery of a new fibre is an exceptional event that questions traditional tried and tested methods, opening the way to innovative adventure. Working wool that is hitherto unknown makes a long journey, starting in mysterious lands – a story from the heart of humanity. Kirghizstan, a tiny country in central Asia, in the heart of the Celestial Mountains chain, their wool known locally as “taewit” and is the soft winter coat of a special goat, the Kirghiz Echki, reared at an altitude of 3,000 metres on the slopes of the Celestial Mountains.

Taking great care of their animals, a major share of the Kirghiz nomad’s family annual income will be represented from just a few strokes of the goats coat in Spring in hope to gather at least 10 kilos of taewit.  The Kirghiz shepherds, who roam free, nomads without land, are kings of these wide open spaces. On horseback they lead their herds to the limits of the eternal snows, to the forgotten places of the world, where the secret of the Celestial mountain gold has been kept hidden forever.

The winter coat of the Kirghiz goat gives wool that combines the softness of cashmere, the natural strength of sheep’s wool and the lustre of mohair. The fabric is extremely silky to the touch and feels marvellously sensual. Thus Dormeuil opens up a new chapter for the experienced connoisseurs of luxury. Kirgyz White.

Complete collection of Kirgyz White by Dormeuil available at Carbone’s sartoria.

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