Symbolism & Emotion – What do your colours say?

Red  – The colour of  Love  

Often associate with love, red is the most powerful of all bright colours and should be used in moderation.  The colour is best used on its own letting a clear message through.  You can combine it with black to add sexual undertones.  The colour works best with darker skin tones.  A nice combination of red & white shall project happiness.

Blue – The colour of Dignity

The colour of our skies, blue is safe, classic and subdued so can be used in many combinations. A classic French navy suit or stunning evening gown shall radiate control and a classic elegance. Variations of blue are suitable for most occasions and situations; you can never go wrong with blue.

Green – The colour of Hope.

Green is the colour of the new and untouched, and is reminiscent of spring. Green clothes leave an impression of cheerfulness and freshness.   Wearing darker tones of green shall look quite distinguished and as it does not suit all people should be used in moderation or can appear too dominant.  Green is a lovely colour for people with red hair tones.

Purple – the Colour of Power

One of the deepest colours in the colour scale, purple has a strong spiritual element and can create a sublime feeling. It can stand alone or combined with blue, green or white. Combining purple with black crates an impression of something deep, secret and seductive.  At a formal occasion however it can be easily overpowered.  Combining this special colour with creamy shades it shall come to life and be quite endearing, suiting most people.

Brown – the colour of Earth

Indicating fertility, wellbeing and rest brown brings warm organic materials to mind and words from nature, oak, walnut, cappuccino and chocolate.  Elegant and calm the colour suits most people.  When not combined with loud colours it suits most people especially in an autumn wardrobe.

White – The tone of Purity

White inspires respect.  In the wersten world the colour of purity, white in the east colour of sorrow. Not technically a colour, combined with other colours of the palette, lifts colour it mixes with.  White accentuates the curves of the body and because of its ksimplicity it suits most people

Black – The tone of Sophistication

Indicating distance or elegance,  black was only used for mopurning until the 1940’s but since then has become one of the most fashionable colours. Not technically a colour also it therefore combines well with all shades of all colours.

colour swatches

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